The Quiet Sea: The Calm Before The Storm

The return of the cultists

Private diary of Haroun ibn Hamad

We met with Flamus Flavius about heading to the capital. Our visit to the capital would have a two-fold purpose: to present to the Gizmolords the threat that hangs over them in the form of the cult, and to find more information about where Talia Swiftpocket may have hidden her orb. The meeting was less than successful, with Flamus failing to understand the urgency of our task. Rhea was unable to accompany us to the meeting. It is to be hoped that her presence at our next meeting will be more convincing than Svin, Del and I.

In the meantime, we filled our days with scholarship at the library, attempting to find additional information we may have missed about the orb, Talia Swiftpocket or the gnomes in general.

We crossed Flamus once more at Bripley’s ale house, and he invited us to his house for dinner. On the way, we were attacked by cultists. We made short work of them, even if I was without my armour or sword. We attempted to take a cultist alive, but we learned that he had bitten down on a poison pill shortly after being taken into custody by gnomish security.

Oddly enough, several of the cultists were human, despite the fact that to date, we have not seen any humans on the island.

It is hoped that this event will shake Flamus from his torpor and we will at least be able to proceed with our mission.

I remain less than optimistic.



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