The Quiet Sea: The Calm Before The Storm

Mission of Mercy

from the journal of Haroun ibn Hamad

After reviewing what little information we could glean from the burned remains of the diary, we returned to the camp of the coalition against the high elves. The group discussed courses of action to rescue our compatriots, but none of the options presented a suitable chance of success.

Instead, we were interrupted by our hosts, who enlisted our assistance to combat a dragon that had taken up residence in the swamps adjoining the woods. The dragon’s presence in the swamp was having a sympathetic effect on the swamp and, if that were not enough, the creature delighted in stalking and chowing down on the army’s scouts. We rode out and discovered a young black dragon. The battle was fierce, but we prevailed.

The rebels told us that some High Elf engineers were defecting from the City, but that the High Elves’ forces were hot on their trail. We rode to intercept; too late. The engineers had been captured.

While the rest of cavalry engaged the High Elves forces, we broke into the High Elf camp to free the engineers. We intend to debrief them for weaknesses in the defences of the High Elf City, in the hopes of mounting a rescue expedition to free our comrades and sail away from this benighted island.



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