The Quiet Sea: The Calm Before The Storm


Additional delays in attempting to present our credentials

I have reviewed the notes from my last report to Eladris. I wish I had more progress to report, but we have not yet presented out credentials and remain stuck in the gnomish regional capital.

After another fruitless day of wrestling with the gnomish obsession for pettifoggery, I learned that we could speed up our application for an audience with the Gizmolord who would vouch for our entry into the capital by completing tasks requested by the clerk’s office.

That evening, Del proposed breaking into the regional sanatorium to ascertain whether there was something sinister behind the gnomes cheery fa├žade. To provide context, we were almost caught multiple times, we learned next to nothing, and it was still the highlight of my day since a: we were actually engaged in an endeavour, productive or not, and b: we dealt with gnomish sociopaths and depressives (thus an improvement over the regular gnomes).

We nonetheless completed two tasks demanded by the clerk: we slew a creature in the swamp impeding gnomish progress on public works (a hydra) and we picked up a cargo of tarrn in a neighbouring town. I have kept a specimen of tarrn for experimentation.

We are unfortunately no closer to our primary goal of discovering where the orb on the gnomish continent is hidden.



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