The Quiet Sea: The Calm Before The Storm

A-hunting we will go

Ravings of a corvus corax

At the end of my last entry, I was transformed into a raven while Rhea and Del escaped from the gnomish police forces through a cunning maneuver called being greater than 3 feet tall. Svin was arrested.

Fortunately for Svin, Flavus quickly appeared on the scene, and Svin was able to explain the situation. Flavus was not particularly enthused about the amount of trouble we manage to attract. I would be remiss if I didn’t specify that his discomfiture pleased me. I am constantly amazed at how a race that is so short manages to have such a massive stick up its a**.

The remaining cultist was remanded to the custody of the authorities. In the course of their investigation, the gnomish authorities discovered an underground passage beneath the residence of one of the cultists. Flavus succeeded in obtaining authorization for us to assist in the investigation. And that is how we became deputies of the gnomish authorities. I regret not asking for a badge. Perhaps it would have assisted us in future dealings with the gnomish authorities.

The underground passage forked, so Flavus and his cadre of guards went in one direction while the rest of us explored another branch. The passage gave way to a room where we were assaulted by some sort of stone golem, but it proved no match for our combined might. We then fought a couple of cultist priestesses that summoned a fire elemental. Although we prevailed, the fire elemental was a nasty piece of work.

Along the way, it appears that Flavus’ group ran into heavier resistance than we did. We fought some sort of war devil before arriving in what seemed to be the altar room for the cult. There, we fought a cultish wizard, assisted by his lieutenant and a couple of foot soldiers. The wizard unleashed a brutal fireball upon us and then disappeared with an invisibility spell. Fortunately, splashing the wizard with ink made him easier to track.

We were joined in the altar room by the remains of Flavus’ group. He informed us that our quarry, Argyll, had made landfall in a northern province of the island. What is more, Argyll is claiming to represent the island of Calisham as an envoy. Preposterous for a wizard who until recently was an aide to Queen Veralise! In any event, we will likely have to travel to the Northern province: not only because Argyll is there, but because I believe that is where the orb is located.

Flavus insists that we must address the Gizmolord Council. The Gizmolord for the province, Narris, is likely to oppose us, since Argyll’s presence adds to his prestige.



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