The Quiet Sea: The Calm Before The Storm

Gnome's Most Wanted

Musings of an alchemist on the lam

Well, that went poorly!

Our hope that once we reached the capital the creaking gnomish institutions would greater appreciate the importance of diplomatic relations were quickly dashed. We were put up in a boarding house near the meeting place of the Gizmolords, but the Gizmolords seemed in no hurry to meet us.

Thus, we waited some more. Through Flavus’ intervention, I successfully obtained a library card with minimal delay, though research in the gnomish libraries in the capital was as fruitless as those in the other locations.

After yet another week of waiting, we decided to undertake several stratagems to smoke out any cultists in the capital. Most were a complete disaster. Eventually, Svin’s magic located an unholy altar, and Rhea, Svin and I cased the joint while Del snuck in. We learned nothing if not that the cultists were looking for us, which we knew already.

Svin and I had retired to a café while Rhea flexed her musical muscles for coins on the street. She was sitting near the residence we had discovered when she was accosted by cultist toughs. She screamed, sending Svin and I running to her side. Luckily, Del was nearby as well and assisted. The battle was over swiftly and decisively, and I attempted to capture the last cultist alive for interrogation.

Unfortunately, Rhea’s scream also attracted the attention of 20 policemen who surrounded us and attempted to arrest us. Although we explained that we were diplomats, the mouth-breathing cretins nonetheless ordered us to drop our weapons. Del, Rhea and I refused and made a break for it. Svin, predictably, let himself get arrested.

With judicious use of magic, running, sneaking and climbing, we escaped the short legs of the law, though I am temporarily in bird form.

Sometime, a change of perspective is just what is needed. I believe I have discovered the location of the missing orb, but the margins of this page are too narrow to contain it. I have also hit upon a plan to recover our missing paladin.



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