The Quiet Sea

Long have the good folk of the island nation of Eledris trembled at the site of the raging sea. For near on a thousand years, the mighty waves and fierce unrelenting winds have turned the once peaceful waters into a nightmarish and impassable maelstrom who’s sole purpose seems to destroy even the hardiest of ships and coastal buildings.

A thousand years ago, they did just that. Beautiful cities along the coast instantly flooded and washed out to sea, taking with them hundreds of thousands of lives. Eledris, a cosmopolitan nation strongly dependent on trade with the other island nations, nearly starved itself to death… yet humanoid perseverance prevailed, and while it took over a hundred years, the people had adapted and prospered in their isolation. Yet, it has retained it’s cosmopolitan feel as many thousands of merchants and explorers from all over the many kingdoms, trapped here, have founded communities, even a couple of great cities and institutions of learning, and have sought to carve a name for themselves while still deferring to the royal family, currently residing in Eledris’ new capital, Taris.

Many have speculated what has come of the other nations, dozens of islands of various sizes, even some as big as Eledris. But for a thousand years, they have been cut off. None but the eldest of the Elves even recalls them, and most know only what they have read in historical texts.

Would the sea ever return to normal? Would the Eledrins ever sail the great blue waters once more? What will they find? No one knows.

The Quiet Sea: The Calm Before The Storm

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