The Quiet Sea: The Calm Before The Storm

The Crypt

from the journal of Haroun ibn Hamad

Having realized that our ship and crew had been taken hostage by the Elven general, we discussed our course of action. I pushed for a stratagem to release the hostages immediately, but my companions argued that the hostages had not yet been harmed, so it may be preferable to examine the crypt of the Elven hero Tael Veranus prior to mounting a rescue attempt.

I bowed to their wisdom, though the issue that was determinative for me was that if we successfully rescued our fellows, we may have to leave the island quickly, and this was possibly our last chance to investigate a major lead in our quest.

We arrived at the crypt and discovered that we were not the first to arrive. Cultists affiliated with Argyll were exiting the structure. We attempted to ambush them (unsuccessfully). From their chatter, we learned that they seemed to bear particular animosity towards the Tal’veran siblings.

As we penetrated into the crypt, we discovered, to our dismay, that the cultists had attempted to eradicate any clues the crypt might provide with respect to the orb. We were also attacked by a couple of cultists and a chained devil.

After we defeated them, we discovered that Tael Veranus had been buried with his diary, and certain excerpts had survived the destruction. We learned that the Tal’veran siblings are descendants of the Elven hero, which may be the source of the enmity borne against them by the cultists, and perhaps explain the attacks on their parents. As I understand it, their mother was the elf, so the logical conclusion is the Rhéa and Zap bear their mother’s surname, rather than their father’s.

We also learned that although Tael Veranus and his party successfully defeated Heradrin, they were unable to destroy her essence, which was confined into several orbs. Each one of the party returned to their homeland after the battle to seal away their orb. In addition to Tael Veranus, there was a female human cleric from our continent, a gnome adventurer, and a dwarf fighter.

We built a fire outside the crypt, and discussed our next move long into the night…



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